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Businesses have to go above and beyond to support and delight their customers if they hope to establish genuine, long-lasting relationships. According to HubSpot's 2023 State of Service Report, nearly 90% of consumers expect an immediate response from their service providers. Additionally, 72% of customers expect agents to acknowledge their past interactions. As customer expectations rise, providing efficient and personalized service becomes more important. 

That's where HubSpot's Service Hub comes into play. It is a fantastic solution that will completely change the way companies provide customer service and support. Let's understand how HubSpot's Service Hub boosts your customer service team's capabilities and keeps your end clients or customers happy and satisfied.


What is HubSpot Service Hub?

HubSpot Service Hub is software that includes all the tools your service team needs to create seamless customer service experiences. The biggest advantage of Service Hub is that all important customer service tasks can be performed directly on the HubSpot CRM platform. From service tickets to knowledge-based articles, feedback surveys, and live chat on your website, your customer service team can focus all of their customer experience efforts on one platform.


2.  Service Hub Pack Features

Customer experience is one of the things that drives the growth of the brand because the customer retention rates increase and the customer services are top-class. So, if your brand is dedicated to giving the best services in the industry to your clients, then HubSpot is the perfect solution for you.

Whether your brand is a new start-up, a small-sized business aiming to build a reputation, or a well-established enterprise looking forward to valuing its customers, HubSpot Service Hub and its different plans can make providing the best customer services affordable.

To make the decision-making process easier for you, here's the list of situations if your brand is facing, then HubSpot Service Hub is your answer:

  • You want your customers to have a good perception of your company's brand, service, and after-sale services. 
  • You are looking for ways to increase the profits and boost the revenue by improving client experience.
  • Your growing service team requires additional and robust resources to meet the evolving business needs. 
  • You require a centralized platform to integrate marketing, sales, and service functioning.

HubSpot Services Hub Tiers and Pricing

Customer service is a differentiator that has the power to make or break your brand's reputation in the market. HubSpot Service Hub is the most user-friendly and omnichannel solution that offers myriad services, like a customer portal where customers open and check their past tickets, conduct custom feedback surveys, process payments right through the HubSpot CRM platform, and much more.

However, HubSpot Service Hub comes in four different plans that differ in pricing and the features it offers. The four plans of HubSpot Service Hub are broadly classified into two categories: professionals and small teams and businesses and enterprises.

So, let's learn more about the different plans of HubSpot Service Hub and how they differ from each other in terms of the features they offer.


3.  Service Hub Pack Features

The Free Plan

Service Hub's free plan starts at $0, and it gives business owners access to live chat, customer and contact information management, ticketing, chatbot, and more. You have access to limited but important features like:

  • It provides Facebook Messenger Integration, where businesses can receive quick messages and send quick replies. The shared inbox comes with one inbox, and it provides three reporting dashboards with ten reports per dashboard. 
  •  It provides a team email, email reply tracking, live chat with HubSpot branding, ticketing, and calling SDK features. 
  • It offers up to five canne snippets, a limited 200 email notifications per month, customer user permission, mobile inbox, 1:1 email with HubSpot branding, and email health reporting with limited features. 
  • The list segmentation features come with 10 active lists and 1,000 static lists with limitations. 
  • It provides five email templates, a conversational bot with limited features, one ticket pipeline per account, user management, and a meeting scheduler with one personal link and HubSpot branding. 

The Starter Plan

The HubSpot Service Hub Starter Plan starts at $18 per month and provides all the essential tools to deliver authentic customer service. Most of the features remain the same in the Free plan; however, this plan includes additional features with fewer limitations:

  • The reporting dashboard limits increase to ten dashboards, and the product library can display around 1 million products. 
  • The canned snippet limit increases to 5,000 with unlimited email open and click notifications. The list segmentation limit increases to 50 active lists and 1,000 static lists with additional limits. 
  • Businesses can get around 1,000 personal meeting links and the ability to remove HubSpot branding. The email templates will increase to 5,000, and there will be two sales pipelines per account. 
  • It offers permission sets with limited permission templates, and businesses get email and in-app support. Besides, this pack comes with one HubSpot provided number, which is not supported in all countries. 
  • It provides conversation routing, and repeating tasks and task queue functionality. It offers simple ticket automation, five multiple currencies, 500 minutes of calling, and up to ten ticket tags per account. 

The Professional Plan

The Professional plan of HubSpot Service Hub starts at $450 per month, and it offers all the services offered in the Starter plan and additional functionalities, like a customer portal, customer feedback surveys, playbooks, and service analytics. Let's understand the other functionalities the Professional pack offers:

  • It offers Facebook Messenger Integration with advanced bot branching and advanced reporting. The shared inbox limits upgrades to 100, the reporting dashboard number becomes 25 with 30 reports per dashboard, and the product library supports around 15 million products. 
  • The list segmentation upgrades to 1,200 static and active lists with random list samples and up to 15 ticket pipelines per account. 
  • It provides three HubSpot-supported numbers with 3,000 minutes of calling. 
  • It offers around 50 Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, 50 Customer Effort Score(CES) surveys, and 100 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys. 
  • Businesses can create up to five playbooks and capture notes in them, and it provides self-desk automation with 300 workflows for 10 teams. 
  • It offers default and custom forecasting and reporting and provides 5000 sequences per account and up to 500 emails per user every day.  
  • It offers video hosting and management of up to 50 videos, coaching playlists, and up to 100 custom reports. It offers one knowledge base per account and WhatsApp integration with 1,000 conversations per month. 
  • It offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs), agent presence in inbox feature, duplicate management, and 750 hours of call transcription per account monthly.

The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan starts at $1,200 and comes with conversation intelligence, field-level permission, single sign-on, and admin notification management. Let's understand the different features it offers:

  • When you upgrade the HubSpot Service Center for Consultants to the Enterprise plan, you can customize your workflow with 200 calculated properties, custom entities, and record reviews.
  • This plan includes all the tools you need to manage your growing workforce with permission settings, hierarchies, and field-level permissions. 
  • HubSpot's Call Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to record your team's conversations to understand customer journeys and industry trends better.
  • It includes the ability to use code snippets for custom Messenger bot actions, a shared inbox limit of 200 inboxes, and a product library with up to 15 million products. 
  • It provides 10 ticket tags per account where you can create rules for specific pipelines and offers 12,000 minutes of calling with five HubSpot-supported phone numbers. It provides 1,000 workflows for 300 teams, including workflow health monitoring for ticket routing. 
  • Businesses can create 5,000 playbooks and five knowledge bases per account. 
  • It offers standard CRM interface configuration, service analytics, insights dashboards, log-in as another user, and recurring revenue tracking.

Summing Up

HubSpot Service Hub has a number of features that can revolutionize support and customer service strategies. Businesses can enhance their customer service by utilizing essential features like a comprehensive customer view, ticketing and automation, knowledge base creation, feedback tools, and extensive analytics.

By incorporating Service Hub in your customer service, you can improve client experiences, promote loyalty, and encourage long-term growth. To learn more about the HubSpot Service Hub's potential for better customer service, you can choose to sign up for the HubSpot Service Hub demo and receive HubSpot Service Hub onboarding with Code Accelerator experts.   
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