Maximize Growth with HubSpot CMS Hub: A Comprehensive Guide

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  • Maximize Growth with HubSpot CMS Hub: A Comprehensive Guide
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Businesses making the transition to a digital workplace require a strong content marketing strategy that enhances their online visibility and search engine results. According to a study, around 81% of customers conduct online research before buying, investing in a robust content management system to keep your website updated with the latest information about your products and services. 

To help businesses with effortless content management, Hubspot's CMS hub is a top-of-the-line system designed for digital, whatever that means to succeed online and help make a positive online presence. More than just a tool, this Hub on HubSpot CRM platform will change your website into a safe, enjoyable, and dynamic online presence.


2.  CMS Hub Pack Features

According to a survey by Statista, around 92% of businesses use CMS for their website development and maintenance. Whether your business is from the retail industry or the healthcare industry, HubSpot CMS Hub can help businesses create, manage, and modify content on their website with little or no technical knowledge. Let's look now at the features and see how they can make your business better:

  • Fast, Secure, and Reliable Website
    A report found that slow-loading websites cost their owners $2.6 billion annually. HubSpot CMS can help to improve the website loading speed, which is one of the topmost priorities of users when browsing.
  • Create a stunning website easily
    HubSpot's CMS Hub helps businesses build and manage a website with little or no technical experience. With drag and drop page feature, multilingual content management, and 100+ modern website templates to choose from, anyone can develop an aesthetically pleasing website that dеlights your visitors whilе providing thеm with a great usеr еxpеriеncе.
  • All-in-one platform
    Additionally, CMS Hub comes with the HubSpot CRM platform. By combining the two, your CMS becomes more powerful and efficient at the same time. Businesses can create and manage website content, generate traffic, and analyze data about their pages and visitors all in one place. Thus, the processes for tracking, reporting, lead generation, and more become quite less.

HubSpot CMS Hub Pricing

One of the key features of HubSpot's product is its pricing, which gives advertising managers a variety of options to fulfill their unique needs. Available tiers comprise Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise, each offering a unique set of features to solve the challenges of advertising managers. Let's understand the different HubSpot's CMS Hub packs and its features:


3.  CMS Hub Pack Features

The Free Plan

Thе frее HubSpot CMS Hub plan is a budgеt solution for businеssеs and individuals who want to crеatе imprеssivе and dynamic wеbsitеs with hassles attached. Starting at $0, this plan offers fundamental features to set up and run your website, however, with limited customization features. The features include:

  • The pack offers one subdomain and one CCTLD on a root domain. Besides, the plan includes custom domain security settings, a web application firewall, and access to the HubSpot mobile app. 
  • It provides list segmentation with ten active lists and 1,000 static lists with additional limits and access to only one shared inbox. 
  • The pack offers access to compatible apps and themes, basic SEO recommendations, a content delivery network, blog export, and a custom domain facility. 
  • It provides a drag-and-drop editor, website structure import facility, conversational bot with limitations, and advanced menu options to only website and blog pages, not the landing page.
  • It provides a standard web analytics dashboard and access to 25 website pages that cannot include dynamic content and comes with HubSpot branding. 
  • It offers up to three reports dashboards with ten reports per dashboard and 24/7 security and threats monitoring, automatically-generated XML sitemap, and the ability to create multilingual content with three HubSpot-supported languages. 
  • However, it provides access to publish only one blog and offers ad management of all types of ads to simple websites. 

The Starter Plan

The Starter plan for HubSpot CMS Hub starts at $23 monthly, which offers additional features than the Free pack. It includes functionality like premium hosting, local website development, access to the app and asset marketplace, and more. Let's learn about the functionalities that come with this pack:

  • Most of the free pack features remain the same in the Starter plan; however, the list segmentation feature comes with no limits, and businesses can remove HubSpot branding from Live Chat, which was not an option in the Free pack. 
  • The product library increases from 1 million to 100 from the Free pack and creates up to 100 consent banners with different geotargeting rules, languages, and banner templates. It includes support for GPC signals, and users can customize the consent preference settings with a cookie preference button. 
  • The reporting dashboard limit increases to ten dashboards with ten reports per dashboard, and the web page limit increases to 50 web pages, where businesses can remove HubSpot branding, but it won't support dynamic content. 
  • It provides a standard SSL certificate, and businesses can accept payment in multiple currencies in five HubSpot-supported currencies. 
  • It offers email and in-app chat support and offers call-to-actions (CTAs), but it doesn't include custom targeting by device type, country, referral URL, etc.
  • It supports personalization tokens and permission sets with permission templates only. 

The Professional Plan

The HubSpot CMS Hub's Professional plan starts at $360 per month, and it is perfect for businesses who aim to customize their website and scale it as per their business needs. It comes with enhanced functionalities, like A/B testing, smart content and reporting, advanced SEO recommendations and suggestions, and dynamic personalization. Let's understand the features in detail:

  • Unlike the Free and Starter plans, the Professional pack offers unlimited subdomains and CCTLDs on a root domain. The shared inbox limit increases to 100, and it offers compatible apps, themes, templates, and modules from the app and asset marketplace. 
  •  The product library limit increases to 15 million products, and it offers 25 report dashboards with 30 reports per dashboard.
  • The web page number upgrades to 10,000 web pages that support dynamic content. Businesses can create multilanguage versions of landing, websites, and blog pages in all the languages supported by HubSpot. The blog limit increased to 100, which was only one in the Free and Starter Pack. 
  • It offers customizable website traffic analytics, and businesses can accept payment in 30 HubSpot-accepted currencies. It offers URL mappings, and the CTAs include custom targeting by device type, country, referral URL, and more. 
  • The additional features include a Google Search Integration console, content strategy, duplicate management, dynamic content with HubDB, and SEO analytics. It offers Salesforce integration as well, with 500 field mappings and 10,000 Salesforce owners in one account. 
  • It also offers dynamic personalization with limited features and provides video hosting and management for up to 50 videos.

The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is the most powerful plan offered by HubSpot CMS Hub, which is best suited for businesses requiring advanced control and flexibility. It starts at $1,200 monthly, and businesses can use the free 14-day trial pack just like the Professional plan. It comes with additional features like adaptive testing, additional root domains, web apps, and more. Let's learn about them in detail: 

  • The shared inbox limit upgrades to 200, and the reporting dashboard number increases to 50 dashboards with 30 reports per dashboard. 
  • Most of the Professional features are included in the Enterprise plan; however, the preset and calculated property limits increase to 100 and 200, respectively. 
  • It offers up to 50 filtered views and dynamic personalization with additional capabilities. The plan provides the functionality to manage and organize up to 300 teams.
  • It provides site trees, web apps, content approval, content partitioning, and site monitoring performance features. 
  • It also comes with advanced authentication functionalities, like Single Sign-On (SSO), code alerts, log-in as another person, activity logging, and admin notification management. 

Wrapping up

There can be many ways a business can grow, but thе website and the content it provides sеts thе standard for growth, especially in this digital and high-interconnect world. HubSpot can help businеssеs of all sizеs with a CMS built specifically for growth. Thе systеm's powerful features help businеssеs distribute content productively and take it to thе nеxt lеvеl. Start by outlining what fеaturеs arе most important to your organization today and what thosе nееds will be in thе futurе as it grows. If you are unsure which CMS pack is suitable for you, Code Accelerator HubSpot consultants are always available to help.    
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