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Customer relationships and sales strategies play a super important role in today’s modern competitive world. Having a robust and intuitive sales process is the key to success for all types of businesses, whether small or enterprise businesses. However, many businesses, especially small and medium-sized, cannot utilize the potential of technological and business tools available to boost their performance and increase conversion rates. One such tool is HubSpot’s Sales Hub.

HubSpot Sales Hub is a strategic tool that transforms the way businesses approach sales. It can cater to the diverse needs of sales professionals, from securing a complex deal to maintaining healthy relationships with all the clients. Let’s delve deep to learn more about HubSpot’s Sales Hub, its features, and its tiers.


2. Sales Hub Pack Features

Before jumping to understand the features and tiers of HubSpot’s Sales Hub, it is better to understand whether your business requires one. Regardless of your business type and size, here are some telltale signs that indicate your sales team needs to work smarter and incorporate flexibility with HubSpot’s Sales Hub pack:

  • Your sales team has a high number of inbound sales leads or a full-fledged sales pipeline.
  • The sales vertical is struggling with low close rates even though the number of leads is high.
  • The professionals are spending 70% of their time on menial tasks instead of outreach.
  • The team is unable to utilize the potential of a massive pool of online prospects.
  • Your team operates on Google or Excel Sheet.
  • The sales professionals lose track of where the leads are in the sales process.

If you can relate to the problems, then your sales team definitely needs to try the features of HubSpot’s Sales Hub

What is HubSpot’s Sales Hub?

HubSpot’s Sales Hub is an all-in-one sales CRM that centralizes all the data and tools that are essential to managing day-to-day sales processes. It effectively reduces all the time spent on unnecessary activities and assists the sales team in focusing on generating leads, maintaining relationships, and closing more deals.  

The features of HubSpot’s Sales Hub can easily automate all administrative tasks, like producing invoices and scheduling appointments. It extracts essential insights from the sales pipeline to help the team make data-driven decisions. The team leads in the right direction to meet the sales target when accurate data supports the decision process. 

Another feature of HubSpot’s Sales Hub is that it creates a seamless experience for buyers. It provides functionalities like live chat, 1:1 videos, and meetings that nurture relationships with clients and prospects.


3. Sales Hub Pack Features

To begin with, HubSpot currently offers four different packs for Sales Hub divided into two categories: individuals and small-sized businesses and professional and enterprise. The four different packs are:


This is a free HubSpot Sales Pack where you can store all contact data and interaction with one secured overview. Here are the features included in this pack:

  • It offers functionalities like email scheduling, custom support form fields, user management, calling SDK, and Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange Integrations. 
  • It provides list segmentation with 10 active lists, 1000 static lists, and additional limits. 
  • It supports one deal pipeline per account and offers customizable quotes with the ability to collect payments. However, it is available only to US customers and requires an integrated Stripe account. 
  • It gives access to the HubSpot mobile app, slack integration, a conversational bot with limited features, and email templates with five templates. 
  • It also provides access to 1:1 email, live chat, and meeting scheduling upto 1 personal link; however, all come with HubSpot branding.
  • The pack comes with a reporting dashboard with upto three dashboards and ten reports per dashboard. The product library comes with 100 products.


HubSpot’s Sales Starter pack starts at USD 18 per month, and the pack comes with additional functionalities like simple automation, conversation routing, e-signature, and repeating tasks and queries. Here are the features included with this pack:

  • It has all the facilities available in the free pack; however, the list segmentation gets upgraded to 50 active lists, 1000 static lists, and additional limits.
  • The customizable quotes functionality includes HubSpot payments and optional Stripe payments; however, only US customers can avail it. 
  • The shared inbox remains limited to one inbox; however, it offers two deal pipelines per account.  
  • The email templates come with 5000 templates, and the pack comes with 1000 personal and team meeting links with no HubSpot branding. 
  • This pack comes with additional functionalities, like 1:1 technical support (email and in-app chat support), multiple currencies (upto 5), sales content analytics, and simple automation, which are not available in the free pack. 
  • The pack provides 10 dashboards with 10 reports per dashboard, and the product library supports upto 1 million products.


HubSpot’s Sales Professional pack starts at USD 450 per month, and it comes with features like call transcription and coaching, sequences, forecasting, ABM tools and automation, playbooks, and prospecting workspace. Here are the functionalities that this pack provides: 

  • The list segmentation features get upgraded to 1200 active lists and 1200 static lists with no restrictions. 
  • The pack comes with 15 deal pipelines per account and shared inbox limits increase to 100 inboxes. 
  • The conversational bots come with additional functionalities, and the pack offers 25 dashboards with 30 reports per dashboard.
  • The product library limit increases to 15 million, and users can collect payments in upto 30 currencies. 
  • The pack provides upto three HubSpot-provided numbers; however, it is not supported in all countries. 
  • The pack provides duplicate management, rep productivity performance, logged-in visitor identification, Salesforce integration, and custom reporting of upto 100 reports.


HubSpot’s Sales Enterprise is one of the powerful packs for advanced control and flexibility. It comes with robust features like predictive lead scoring, advanced permissions, lead form routing, custom objects, conversation intelligence, and recurring revenue tracking. The pack starts at USD 1,500 per month, and here are the features it offers:  

  • The list segmentation limits increase to 2000 active and static lists, and the deal pipeline limit gets upgraded to 100 per account. 
  • The shared inbox increases to 200 inboxes, and it provides 50 dashboards with 30 reports per account. 
  • The pack provides five HubSpot-provided phone numbers, and the calling increases to 12000 minutes. 
  • It offers up to 1,000 fully customizable workflows with the ability to trigger sequences, quote-based workflows, and workflow health monitoring. 
  • The businesses can collect payments up to 120 currencies, and the pack offers around 300 teams plus ways to organize them. 
  • It offers call transcription and coaching with search, review, and comment on calls and 1500 hours of transcription per account per month.

What HubSpot’s Sales Hub Tier is Best For You?

Now, it is obvious that different businesses have different requirements. So, let’s determine which HubSpot’s Sales Hub tier is perfect for your business based on your future needs: 

  • Individuals and small businesses aim to sustain or grow their business, so the HubSpot Sales Free pack would be the best to begin.
  • New or small teams that do not solely rely on inbound leads that aim to build positive habits as the business grows should go for the HubSpot Sales Starter pack. 
  • Sales teams that are looking forward to automating and enhancing the scaling of the sales process should subscribe to the HubSpot Sales Professional pack.
  • A well-established sales team with multiple clients or brands under one roof that aims to manage and measure new data without any limits should go for the HubSpot Sales Enterprise pack.

Wrapping up

HubSpot’s Sales Hub comes with different features, like lead management and prospecting, email templates, call and email tracking, quote software, meeting scheduler, sales analytics and reporting, conversation intelligence, and forecasting, which can help the sales team improve their operations. Are you still confused about how to make the best use of HubSpot’s Sales Hub to improve your ROI? Well, the Code Accelerator team can help you out!    
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