Privacy Policy

Thank you for deciding to join the Code Accelerator community. We are dedicated to safeguarding your private information and upholding your confidentiality.

If you have any issues or questions concerning this privacy statement or our handling of your data, please contact us.

Please contact us at the

We admire your trust in your details when you visit our website and, more broadly, when you utilize any of our activities.

We take the protection of your personal information particularly seriously. We hope that this privacy policy will help you understand what data we gather, how we use it, and what obligations you have in connection to it.

We believe you will take the time to read it properly because it is essential. If you do not accept any of the provisions in this written document, you must instantly stop using our facilities.

This privacy statement covers all data acquired through our Services (which, as previously stated, includes our Website), and also any linked services, sales, advertising, or functions. Please read this privacy notice attentively to learn more about how we use the data we gather.

1. What kind of data do we gather?

We collect and store the personal details you provide to us. In a nutshell, we acquire confidential info from you. When you demonstrate an interest in taking, we collect personal information that you willingly disclose to us.

Data is collected remotely

When you use our service, some data is automatically acquired, such as your Isp and/or browsing and gadget statistics. When you access, use, or explore the website, we gather certain data directly. This information does not demonstrate your particular character (such as your name or contact information), but it may encompass machine and user data, such as your IP address, browser and device characteristics, os version, language choices, making reference URLs, products related, nation, location, details about how and when you use our Web page, and other technical data. This information is largely used to keep our Website secure and operational, as well as for internal reporting and analysis.

Nevertheless, you may not even be permitted to use certain parts of the Company if you want to choose to subscribe.

2. What will we do with your data?

We use your data for professional purposes, to complete our relationship with you, to comply with our regulatory obligations, and/or with your agreement. Personally, data gleaned through our Website is used for several diverse objectives, as detailed below. We use your personal information for these reasons to engage in or complete an agreement with you, with your approval, and/or to comply with our relevant laws. Next to each of the purposes indicated below, we specify the following information foundations we depend on.

We put the data we gather or send to appropriate purposes

To send you information and details. We may be using your confidential data to give you details about the products, services, and extra features, as well as updates to our rules, circumstances, and regulations.

To keep our operations safe. As part of its efforts to make our Service as safe as possible, we may utilize your content (for example, for fraud monitoring and prevention)

For professional reasons, to execute our instructions, agreements, and regulations, to cope with regulatory standards, or to engage with our relationship.

To adhere to the following procedures and to prevent damage. In an attempt to decide how to react to a lawsuit or other judicial process, we may also need to examine the stats we have on hand.

3. Is your data going to be provided to anybody?

We exclusively exchange information with your permission, to comply with these laws, to give you free services, to protect your freedom, or to meet commercial commitments.

Depending on the aforementioned constitutional standing, we might access or distribute the information that we grab:

If you have granted us explicit consent for using your sensitive data, we may analyze your info. Reasonable Commercial Interests: When accessing your information is substantially essential to reach our interests of the company, we may do so.

Contractual Achievement: When we have an agreement with someone, we may use your private information to carry out the conditions of that deal.

4. Are analytics and other similar technologies used by us?

To gather and keep your data, we may use cookies and other related stuff.

To acquire or hold data, we may use cookies and other data transmissions (such as web beacons and plugins). Our Cookie Disclaimer contains precise details regarding when we use those techniques and how you can decline particular cookies.

5. How soon will we protect your information?

Except as otherwise legally required, we store your data as long as it is needed to achieve the requirements mentioned in this privacy statement.

Until a longer survival time is expressly permitted, we will only keep your private data as long as it is authorized for the purposes outlined in this written document.

6. How do we protect your personal information?

We use a variety of technical and administrative safety precautions to safeguard the data.

We’ve put in place necessary technological and functional steps to safeguard the privacy of any sensitive information we handle. However, no interactive propagation over the Web or data storage innovation can be assured to be 100 percent protected, so we cannot pledges or ensure that cyberattacks, organized criminals, or other unauthorized third parties will not be able to destroy our protection and inadequately gather, transfer, thieve, or revise your details, amidst our protections and endeavors.

7. Do we gather information from children and teenagers?

We do not deliberately collect data about people under the age of 18 or advertise to them. While using the Service, you signify that you are at least 18 years old or that you are the father or mother of a minor dependent and that you consent to that offender’s use of the Website. If we discover any personal details from individuals under the age of eighteen have indeed been obtained, we will suspend the registration and mitigate these risks to erase the content from our database as soon as possible. Please notify us at the . email if you become informed of any data we may have acquired from minors under the age of 18.

8. What options do you have for reviewing, updating, or deleting the information we gather about you?

In some cases, you might just have the option to obtain admission to, amend, or eliminate the sensitive data we receive from you, depending on the laws in a particular location. Please fill out the form below to demand an inspection, modification, or deletion of your personally identifiable information.