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In the fast-paced world of modern business, optimizing operations is crucial for sustained success. HubSpot's Operations Hub stands as a beacon, offering businesses, especially smaller ones, the means to leverage technological tools and enhance performance. Many enterprises find it challenging to harness the full potential of available resources. Operations Hub addresses this, presenting a transformative approach to streamline processes and boost efficiency. 

Operation Hub boosts the HubSpot CRM platforms with features like data sync, programmable automation, data quality control, Snowflake data share, and datasets to enhance your operation's efficiency. An effective operation strategy eliminates the chances of unsubscribes, lost deals, and cancellations.


2. Oprations Hub Pack Features

It is important first to understand whether your business can benefit from this tool or not. Here are key indicators that suggest your operational processes could be optimized with HubSpot's Operations Hub:

  • Data discrepancies across tools: Your business suffers from inconsistent or outdated data in several platforms and tools that create data discrepancies across tools.
  • Interdepartmental misalignment: The marketing, sales, and customer service departments work in isolation, stifling an integrated and cooperative approach.
  • Desire for multi-language support: Your business addresses an international audience requiring uninterrupted conveying in various languages.
  • Need for specialized support: Your organization needs more specialized help, such as email and telephone assistance, when conventional support alternatives are not adequate.
  • Tons of manual and data entry work: Your team does a lot of manual data entry and tasks rather than focusing on more strategic activities.
  • Lack of customization and control: Your work processes require greater flexibility and the ability to control how data is synchronized with functions such as custom filters and field maps.

If such challenges apply to your business, consider the potentials that come with HubSpot’s Operations Hub. It can be a milestone decision towards operational proficiency and perfection.

What is HubSpot’s Sales Hub?

HubSpot's Operations Hub is an innovative operations software that aims to transform the way teams operate in their business process control. Therefore, focusing on the linkage of apps, data harmonization, cleaning customer information, and automating key operations, Operations Hub creates an organized work process.

With four editions—Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise—this software package offers appropriate solutions for small, medium, and large organizations to meet the particular needs of their customers. All the features can be easily integrated into the HubSpot CRM.

Operations Hub empowers businesses with a unified view of every customer interaction, fostering friction-free customer experiences. With pricing starting at $0/month for the Free edition and scaling up to $2,000/month for the Enterprise edition, Operations Hub provides flexible plans to accommodate diverse budgets and evolving business needs.


3. Oprations Hub Pack Features

HubSpot presents four distinct packages for Operations Hub, categorized into two groups: one tailored for individuals and small-sized businesses and the other for professional and enterprise-level users. The four packages are:


The HubSpot's Operations Hub Free pack is designed to assist businesses with foundational tools for operational excellence. Here are the features it offers:

  • It offers crucial functionalities such as tickets, deals, businesses, tasks, and work processes to facilitate smooth operations. 
  • It provides 10 active lists, 1,000 static lists, and additional restrictions to ensure focused communication and effective contact management.
  • The reporting dashboard, offering up to three dashboards with ten reports each, provides valuable insights into operational performance.
  • It provides App Marketplace integrations that enable the extension of functionality, easily integrating with numerous external tools.
  • It provides one deal pipeline per account, which enables easy sales management.
  • On the other hand, you can acquire customized quotes with built-in payment collection functionality to enable businesses; however, this option is only for US users and needs integrated Stripe services.
  • 1:1 email, live chat, and scheduling up to one personal link; however, HubSpot branding gives additional communication options.
  • The product library can hold up to 100 products, providing efficient management and presentation features.


With the affordably-priced Operations Hub from HubSpot, businesses can now tap into an array of tools aimed at improving efficiency and helping them get their operations in order. Here are some of the major features it offers:

  • It provides all the essential features that were included in the Free pack, including ticketing, deals, companies, tasks, and activities, that guarantees a streamlined working process.
  • It offers ten dashboards, each with ten reports, which offer valuable insights capable of assisting in efficient management operations.
  • It has list segmentation features with 25 active lists, 1,000 static lists, and other restrictions that allow for effective contact management.
  • Data customization is supported by 1,000 custom properties per object, enabling businesses to fine-tune their operational procedures.  
  • It enables businesses to have powerful product management that is capable of handling even up to 1 million products, ensuring effective control and organization 
  • It provides payment ability only for US customers having underwriting approval, granting them a secure financial solution unique to their needs.
  • It provides necessary assistance via email and in-app chat alongside the help of permission templates, allowing for effective communication and user access control.


The Operations Professional pack of HubSpot, priced at $720/month, includes AI-powered data formatting, scheduled workflow triggers, data health trends, bulk duplicate management, programmable automation, and a data quality command center. Here are the features it offers:

  • It offers ticketing, deals, companies, and tasks & activities functions that facilitate process efficiency.
  • It gives access to 325 reporting dashboards, each containing 30 reports for detailed analytics.
  • It provides strong list segmentation with 1,100 active lists and 1,000 static lists.
  • This pack supports extensive data customization, allowing up to 1,000 custom properties per object
  • It enables efficient product management with the capability to handle up to 15 million products.
  • It provides payment functionality exclusively for US-based customers, contingent upon underwriting approval for secure and tailored financial solutions.
  • It facilitates a customized Standard CRM interface with the ability to configure conditional logic, allowing up to 20 customizations per object type.
  • It empowers users with versatile data associations, offering up to 10 labels per object pair and up to 5 presets for enhanced configurability.
  • It provides standard contact scoring, allowing for 5 contact scoring properties and 5 total deal and company scoring properties, enhancing data evaluation without additive considerations across objects or hubs.


HubSpot’s Operations Enterprise, starting at $2,000/month, delivers advanced control with features like custom reporting, Snowflake data share, advanced data calculations, and a standard Sandbox account. Here are the major features it offers:  

  • This pack unlocks essential features, making ticketing, deals, and tasks and activities seamlessly available for advanced operational management.
  • It provides extensive analytics with 350 dashboards and 30 reports per dashboard, along with Contact Management, Company Insights, App Marketplace Integrations, Data Sync, and User Management features. 
  • It offers list segmentation, supporting 1,600 active lists, 1,500 static lists, and up to 1,000 custom properties per object for extensive data customization. 
  • It empowers businesses with extensive product management capabilities, handling up to 15 million products, and offers payment functionalities exclusively to US-based customers, contingent upon underwriting approval. 
  • It allows you to customize the sidebar and board cards based on pipeline and team. Teams can create 50 datasets comprising a combination of 20 derived fields and 40 properties for a total of 60 columns per dataset. 
  • It offers up to 20 customizations per object that enable 10 labels for object associations.
  • It offers access to up to 100 presets, organizes 300 teams, and creates 3,500 custom reports.

Wrapping up

HubSpot's Operations Hub stands as a comprehensive solution, offering essential tools for seamless data management, advanced customization, and enhanced operational workflows. With features like robust list segmentation, extensive customizations, and powerful analytics, Operations Hub caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring they have the tools needed for efficient operations and sustainable growth in today's dynamic business landscape.    
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