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HubSpot has become a prominent player in delivering top-notch services for customer relationship management and inbound marketing. For those who are unaware, HubSpot is a customer platform that supports all the software, integrations, and resources an organization requires to seamlessly connect the sales, content management, marketing, and customer service teams. 

It provides different products or suites perfect for different operations in your organization to bring under one umbrella. From marketing, sales, and service hubs to CMS, operations, and commerce hubs, organizations can utilize one or all the products to create one seamless, robust platform.

However, an organization can reap the benefits of the marketing hub or any other product by analyzing their requirements correctly and buying the subscription plan accordingly. HubSpot offers two plans for businesses and enterprises for marketing hub, professional, and enterprise. How do you know which HubSpot's marketing hub plan is best for your organization? Let's find out. 

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HubSpot's marketing hub provides a comprehensive set of tools a business can utilize to create, execute, and analyze marketing strategies. It is one of the fundamental components of HubSpot's Growth Suite, as it offers myriad features to attract, engage, and nurture leads throughout the marketing funnel. 

Leveraging HubSpot's marketing hub can assist businesses in driving revenue, saving time and resources, and measuring and optimizing strategies to bring out the best and most fruitful results. Here are the key aspects of HubSpot's marketing hub:

1. Content Creation

The marketing hub supports tools to create and manage various types of content, including blog posts, landing pages, and email campaigns. With a user-friendly content editor, marketers can build visually appealing content without requiring any prior technical knowledge. 

2. Social Media Management

Social media is one of the essential tools to improve brand visibility and reach the target audience. With HubSpot's Marketing Hub, the marketing team can easily schedule and publish posts across multiple social media platforms. It even provides analytics to measure the performance of social media campaigns and track engagement.

3. Search Engine Optimization

With the rising SEO norms and regulations, organizations need to practice a suite of norms that can assist in ranking their products and services at top positions in search engines. To ensure your business's website content and blogs are SEO-friendly, HubSpot's Marketing Hub can provide SEO tools to conduct keyword research, track rankings, and suggest improvisation to enhance on-site SEO elements.

4. Lead Generations and Forms

HubSpot's Marketing product offers tools to create customized forms and pop-ups to capture the leads on the website page. Besides, businesses can seamlessly integrate these forms with HubSpot's CRM Hub so the sales team can funnel the leads and turn them into prospective clients. 

5. Email Marketing

Besides social media management, the Marketing Hub provides tools to send targeted email campaigns. Businesses can leverage the built-in analytics to segment the audience, personalize the content, and analyze the performance of email marketing campaigns. 

6. Mail Automation

With the rise in automation, HubSpot jumps on the trend and streamlines the repetitive marketing tasks and workflows. The product can help automate email sequences, lead nurturing campaigns, and different processes to engage with leads and customers at the right time with the right content. 

7. Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting are critical to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns and direct the resources, efforts, and time on the suitable campaigns. Businesses can track key metrics, like website traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates, to gain insights into how different marketing channels are performing. 

8. Integration with Other HubSpot Hubs

Integration with other HubSpot Hubs, like Sales and Service, is a robust feature as it helps create a unified system for marketing, sales, and customer teams. It can assist your organization's teams in providing a consistent customer experience.

How Do You Get Started With HubSpot's Marketing Hub?

To get started with HubSpot's Marketing Hub, it is essential to understand all the three packs HubSpot offers so that you can align your resources and efforts accordingly. It has two different plans to meet the requirements of different customers: 

  • Business and Enterprise 
  • Individuals and Small Teams

HubSpot's Marketing Hub for individuals and small teams is ideal for start-ups and small businesses on the verge of expanding and growing their business.  The plan offers some free tools that businesses can use to check whether HubSpot meets their needs and then unlock other features by purchasing the starter or professional plan. However, business and enterprise are perfect for larger organizations with well-established businesses and require tailored services to meet the sophisticated requirements.

3-Marketing Hub pack features

Starter Pack

Marketing Hub's starter plan starts at around $18-$20 per month and provides all the essential tools to engage and convert leads. This pack comprises free tools with increased limits, and you can create and customize landing pages, email marketing, live chat, and forms. Besides, this pack provides a free SSL certificate, email reply tracking, custom user permission with user management, and access to HubSpot's mobile app. You can also get in-app and email chat support if you face any problems with the platform. Here are some key services offered in the starter pack:

  • Offers a standard web analytics dashboard and a conversational bot with limited features
  • Provides form automation with up to 10 automated actions and supports multi-language versions of website pages and blog spots in up to three languages. 
  • Supports SEO optimization with basic recommendations and provides one subdomain and one CCTLD on one root domain.
  • Provides around 10 reporting dashboards with 10 reports per dashboard
  • Supports ad management, email marketing, mobile optimization, ad retargeting, email automation, and a product library with 1 million products
  • Provides one blog, including HubSpot branding, Facebook Messenger integration, forms, and landing pages

Professional Pack

HubSpot's Marketing Hub professional pack starts at around $800-$890 per month, making the annual plan start at $9,600. This pack comprises comprehensive marketing software for automation, reporting, and campaigns. It offers 2,000 marketing contacts and provides additional features, like campaign reporting, social media, custom reporting, teams, and omnichannel marketing automation, along with the starter pack. Here are the features offered in the professional pack of HubSpot's Marketing Hub: 

  • Provides a conversational bot with additional features and unlimited subdomains and CCTLDs on one root domain
  • Supports SEO optimization with advanced recommendations to improve the SEO-friendliness of on-site webpages. 
  • Provides 25 reporting dashboards with 30 reports per dashboard
  • Unlike the starter pack, the ad management has five types of ad audiences available and supports around 100 blogs. 
  • Supports publishing multi-language versions of webpages in as many languages as supported by HubSpot 
  • Provides omnichannel marketing automation with upto 300 workflows for 10 teams.
  • Supports 50 videos for video hosting and management and provides up to 25 filtered analytics views. 
  • Provides campaign reporting with 1000 campaigns per portal and contact create automation with tracking upto 10,000 logged contact interactions.

Enterprise Pack

The enterprise pack is one of the most powerful marketing software for advanced control flexibility, starting at $3,600 per month, and the annual package is $43,200. It includes around 10,000 marketing contacts and supports additional features, like limiting access to content and data, custom objects and behavioral events, organizing team and multi-touch revenue attribution, and all the professional pack perks. Here are the features offered by the enterprise plan:

  • Supports 50 reporting dashboards with 30 reports per dashboard
  • Unlike the professional pack, it supports up to 200 shared inboxes and ad management with 15 ad-type audiences.
  • Provides Facebook Messenger integration with the ability to use code snippets for custom Messenger bot actions
  • Supports product library with 15 million products and up to 100 presets
  • Provides custom reporting with 500 custom reports and 600 custom views per account in a shared inbox
  • Supports Whatsapp integration with up to 1000 conversations monthly
  • Provide up to 50 filtered analytic views and support collaboration tools, A/B testing, campaign management, and logged-in visitor management.

Wrapping up

Purchasing HubSpot's Marketing Hub pack can provide access to numerous robust tools and services businesses can utilize to drive growth and convert leads into potential customers. However, certain factors must be considered to ensure you invest your money in a suitable pack. Before deciding which pack to choose, consider your business requirements and marketing needs, evaluate the team size, analyze budget constraints, and consider the pack's scalability.   
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