Employ a WordPress developer hourly or monthly.

Our skilled developers care about your success, whether they are creating a custom WordPress website or providing continuing premium support with customizable options. No matter how high or low, we always aim to satisfy our clients with our finished products. Our goal is to support our clients’ online company operations and growth.

We provide the best WordPress Services

Theme Development/Customization

WordPress themes can be changed in real-time using a legacy tool called theme development and customization. There are many sets of adjustments you may make to your WordPress site from the inside of your admin panel, based upon the theme you're using.

Plugin Development

Plugins are the main component of software that allows you to add extra and extended features to your pre-built or designed website. WordPress' built-in functionality is frequently expanded by plugins, allowing each user to personalize their site to suit their unique requirements.

WooCommerce Development Services

WooCommerce Development is an add-on that facilitates the creation of more effective eCommerce websites. WooCommerce dramatically improves a website's UX and UI, and as it is a WordPress plug-in, it is straightforward to use and maintain.

PSD to WordPress Conversion

The markup developer separates the design into distinct graphic files and then creates HTML and CSS code with links to those files to create a fully functional web page that you can view online during the PSD to WordPress conversion.

WordPress Migration and Maintenance

We also provide services to maintain the functions of your existing website, and when necessary, we assist in WordPress migration from one format or platform to the required or trending one.

Design with Elementor, DIVI Theme Builder

A page builder plugin for WordPress is called Elementor. WordPress plugins and themes both exist as DIVI. Both of them are visual drag-and-drop page builders that let users design stunning websites without having to understand any backend coding.

work process

Our Development Work Process

As a code accelerator, we are known for the quality and variety of services we provide to each and every client. We are actively involved in custom WordPress development. Our team’s website loads incredibly quickly and operates flawlessly.

  • Listen to your needs

    The very first thing we do is note down the requirements of the clients about the designing, themes, presentations, and target audience they require.

  • Research

    Analyzing the requirement and then doing research on the project is the second step, where the team goes in search of a deep understanding of the client’s requirements.

  • Plan

    After analyzing the requirement, a precise plan is made about how the framework will be made and which designs and frames to choose, and accordingly, it is being kept on the roadmap for development.

  • Design and Development

    For the creation of a web app that is focused on results, our skilled team of developers uses all the most recent tools and technologies.

  • Test and Deliver

    After the development phase, the built model is tested, and any bugs or further required changes are made before delivering it to the client.


Why should you choose The Code Accelerators?

One of the simplest and most effective content management systems, WordPress offers a wide range of features to enhance your user experience. Both high-end and affordable WordPress development services are provided by The Code Accelerators.

Expertise and Innovation

We provide top-notch and cutting-edge WordPress web development services that include migrations, template engine seeding, and schema building. Our efforts are focused on exemplary teamwork.

Dedicated Developers

Your small business, e-commerce, or CMS business website will be built by the most qualified and experienced developers in the industry, who are dedicated to completing your work as per your requirements.

Agile and Personalized Approach

To address your unique business requirements, we provide coordinated web advancement with the use of an advanced agile approach to work on our projects, where frequent testing is done after every phase of development.

Result-focused Partnership

We are known for our quality and trust each and every client, and in the future, we will take care of the site's installation, support, and upkeep as maintenance and support. We reaffirm our commitment to becoming a creative team with each new project.

Cooperation Transparency

There is always a transparent window between our development team and the client, which helps us be more particular about the requirement. This makes it easy to avoid last minute changes, which saves the whole process of designing, developing, and testing once again.


Excellence and innovation frequently go hand in hand. And we never hesitate to go above and beyond to guarantee great service quality. This is the reason we are serving our clients with the best experience in building or modifying their website by using WordPress.

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