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The internet has evolved into an important and necessary aspect of human life. Every company requires a website to display its expertise, products, talents, and other assets. A website can be used to create and update anything. For start-ups and businesses, Code Accelerator understands the requirements and creates stunning website and CMS solutions.

Our highly qualified programmers are up to date on the latest technologies and trends. We collaborated with international companies to turn well-known concepts into visually attractive and innovative websites. We have a great deal of experience and innovation in creating amazing websites and CMS development for a variety of clients all around the world. Our professionals have a unique insight that allows us to personalize web development more quickly and effectively.





API integration

API has become entrenched in IT architectures over time. API integration may be useful for non-technical persons who want to manage a streamlined IT system for their organizations. But, first and foremost, what is an API? How can it benefit your company?

It is a platform that connects two apps and stands for Application Programming. For non-technical folks, API may appear confusing, but think of it as an “interface.”A transceiver or a bridge is required for data to travel across different devices within your business. API comes into play here. Your API is the link that connects you to the rest of the organization if you really need data from these other sections.

CMS Development

CMS stands for the content management system, and it is a web platform that enables content authoring, modification, and dissemination simpler and more adaptable. Code accelerator’s CMS developers have extensive experience and knowledge in the growth and integration of Content Management systems. We develop dependable and interoperable content management systems that assist vastly lower administrative costs while ensuring a higher return on investment.

We use next-generation technologies and techniques to keep ahead of the competition. Code Accelerator has established itself as a one-stop CMS development company giving various online services to its customers, from easing the protection of enormous data to proper time management during the operation.




Expanding your brand is fantastic, but it presents your website with distinct obstacles. That’s where a Content Management System, or CMS, comes in handy. Only one tool is required to create blog entries, landing pages, or even remodel your complete website. An excellent CMS will facilitate the development, maintenance, and monitoring of content for everyone who uses it, relying on the CMS you choose. Partner with the most talented HubSpot developers, who have years of expertise working in a variety of businesses and sectors. Our trained HubSpot CMS experts will carefully listen to you, learn about your marketing strategy and objectives, and provide you with the greatest ideas, proposals, and new initiatives that include quality updates.


As a WordPress site development business, we at Code Accelerator have a powerful team of WordPress Open Source Engineers who can make your dream come true. Free and open-source templates are increasingly popular these days for creating a good website on a tight budget. Our skilled staff can alter any standard template with various website themes and will wow you with the convenience with which you may create one using open source themes. WordPress is one of the greatest platforms since it has a large number of free and professional themes, as well as plugins, and it’s simple to adjust to meet your needs.