How to measure marketing ROI with HubSpot & Google Analytics

Evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns from the beginning to the end is not only necessary but also probable in today’s data-rich and technically advanced world. It wasn’t always like this. No business, no matter how big or little, should be without access to detailed ROI (Return on Investment) data today!

You must be able to accurately report on the conversion rates at each level of your sales pipeline, the proportion of insights generated by any given activity, and how this exercise affects the bottom line of your company, at the very least, according to marketing management techniques.

Questions like “What is the return on investment for our digital marketing exercise?” “How many leads have we engendered?” and “How many purchasers has it manufactured?” are frequently posed to marketing executives.

Many don’t have the trust in their data quality or analytics set up to deliver the level of transparency needed by the company and its board of directors, even if some may be in a situation to address those concerns.

However, there is a vast array of data that marketers may assess and report on, and the sheer amount of numbers can be intimidating. It might be challenging to know where to start or even where to end if you are unaware of what metrics to monitor, analyze, and publish on!

You could be thinking:

 How do I choose the metrics that matter to the company?

-Which indicators should I track when and how?

– How can I make sure my reports accurately depict the effectiveness of marketing?

– What is my company’s marketing ROI?

In such a case, you are asking the appropriate ones.

First and foremost, you require a platform that not only enables you to collect the required information but also aids in demonstrating the transfer operation at each stage of your purchase process to accurately calculate the ROI of your promotional campaign.

We use HubSpot because of this.

You’re here because you desire to be able to confidently report on the conversion rates at each stage of your purchase process and show the return on investment of your marketers.

You, therefore, require HubSpot.

You, therefore, require HubSpot.

First and foremost, the email marketing technology from HubSpot offers a comprehensive response to your disclosure laws. It comes with a potent analysis point of view that can track and evaluate website visitors by channel, as well as personalized origination reports that let you know the path your prospect takes from the first touch to the last. Additionally, when used in

conjunction with Google Analytics, you can produce exhaustively prepared students that amply demonstrate the effectiveness of your promotion.

We have put together a thorough eBook that covers the features of HubSpot’s analytics and reporting features – and how you can use them to assess your marketing Expenditure – to help you understand how successful HubSpot and Google Analytics combined are for evaluating brand Exposure.

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Written by: shubham