How to link your social media accounts to HubSpot

You may link your social media accounts to HubSpot, produce and distribute social media posts, and monitor activity on social media.

To link social media profiles:

From your HubSpot account’s main navigation bar, select the settings icon.

How to link your social media accounts to HubSpot Select Marketing > Social from the menu on the left sidebar.

To register an account, click.

Select the account you wish to link:

Twitter and Instagram




To link a Facebook account to an Instagram account:

Choose Facebook & Instagram in the new window.

Your Facebook pages and the Instagram business accounts connected to them will appear in a new window. Choose the checkbox next to the Instagram or Facebook business page that you want to link.

Select OK.

To link a Twitter account:

Choose Twitter in the newly opened window.

Read the approval application in the new tab, type your username and password, and then select Authorize app.

Retype your login information, then select Authorize App.

To choose the publication information that will be displayed in your social reports, select one of the following options:

Report on articles only published by HubSpot: To restrict your social reporting to only social posts published from HubSpot, choose the radio button.

Report on posts published from all sources: Decide if you want your social statistics to also include social posts produced both immediately in your social accounts and via HubSpot.

Select “Done”

To link a LinkedIn account:

Choose LinkedIn in the new window.

Your individual LinkedIn profile and any LinkedIn Company Pages that you are the administrator of will be shown. Any LinkedIn page or account that you want to connect with should have a checkmark next to it.

Select OK.

To link an account on YouTube

Choose YouTube in the new tab.

There will be a new pop-up window. Choose the specific Google account to link in the dialogue box if you have numerous Google accounts.

Choose your YouTube profile.

Click Allow after reading the access.

Click “Ok.”

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Written by: shubham